Green Cleaning technologies have come a long way since we first became aware of the harmful effects of industrial cleaning chemicals on our health and the environment. The benefits of Green Cleaning have been shown not only to be friendlier to the environment but also to have a positive effect on our health. As an early regional leader in Green Cleaning, we have spent years researching products and methods that protect the environment, and our clients’ health, while still getting the job done.

While we make every effort to use Green Seal and EcoLogo certified products, some green products are much less effective for industrial use. Consequently, this results in a decrease in performance quality, which leads to an increase in the frequency of use and impact on the environment. Our alternative is to utilize a Green Process by selecting low impact/low dilution products, giving a Greener sum impact.

Our clients have ultimate discretion on the use of any alternative products or processes and may decide instead to use only Green products.

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification is a verification system that measures a company’s environmental commitment. Its matrix considers how active a company goes towards:

  • Minimizing energy and water consumption
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Wise stewardship of natural resources

Our LEED-compliant Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy covers Prevention, Products, Equipment, and Procedures.


We decrease the amount of soil and moisture entering a building by installing industrial-strength entryway mats in high-traffic entrances. This reduces the need for additional treatment, maintenance, and minimizes the costs that come with repairs.


All of our Green cleaning solutions are high-performing workhorses without the toxicity levels of traditional products. Meeting the guidelines developed by the USBGC, the products we use help minimize harmful effects on the environment and anyone that comes into day-to-day exposure.

Wherever appropriate, we use Microfiber technology in place of paper cleaning products to reduce chemicals, water consumption and waste.

Our paper products and plastic garbage liners meet the EPA’s guidelines for disposable janitorial products. By opting to work with the industry’s leading manufacturers we ensure the products we supply meet or exceed USGBC standards for recycle content.

The Green Seal approved skin cleanser we use to replenish hand soap dispensers is gentle yet effective, and reduces environmental impact.


All of our janitorial equipment cleans effectively while minimizing environmental impact, and maintaining a noise level under 70 decibels, where possible.

  • Our vacuums capture 96% of particulates down to 0.3 microns, allowing for a faster and more efficient clean.
  • Our Truck Mounted Extraction systems offer self-heating, water pump pressure of up to 1200psi with a self-contained solution and recovery tank.
  • Our Hydromaster carpet extractors allow for quick soil removal while utilizing maximum moisture removal that helps maintain overall appearance.
  • Our portable encapsulation equipment allows carpets to be dry and ready for traffic approximately 20 minutes after treatment.
  • Our equipment is designed to minimize vibration, noise and user fatigue and is maintained in peak operational condition by using rubber bumpers to avoid damaging furniture and other surfaces.
  • Our automatic scrubbing and buffing machines clean floors while recovering solution to ensure maximum soil recovery.