Our Employees make it Happen

Clearview Cleaning’s team members are the backbone of the company. We choose the best candidates to join our team by carefully selecting from a large pool of applicants. Our personnel selection process includes:

  • Pre-qualification interview
  • Former employer verification
  • Seven year background verification
  • Social security verification
  • Pre-employment drug-testing


Following their selection, all new team members attend a mandatory training, which includes:

  • Proper handling of Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Proper handling of Bio-hazardous Waste and Sharps Containers
  • Compliant with Current OSHA regulations
  • Clearview Cleaning’s Green Cleaning Methods
  • Proper equipment care and maintenance
  • Gentle but effective carpet spot cleaning
  • Building security protocols
  • Clearview Cleaning’s Tri-color Microfiber Towel System

We understand each of our clients’ facilities uniqueness and take the effort to ensure every team member receives adequate training and support from their specific site supervisor. Our supervisors provide the Clearview Cleaning team with ongoing training that helps them increase productivity and achieve their professional goals.

Clearview Cleaning values diversity in the workplace and selects the best possible candidates to join our staff, with many of our team members being bilingual, we can ensure clear and continuous communications between staff and clients in order to deliver expectations.