We have floor specialists with over 40 years of combined experience in floor care. In addition to standard hard floors, our specialists have experience in treating high-quality specialty floor materials, including marble, cork, tile, VCT, no-wax, and hardwood floors.

Hard Surface Floor Care

For cleaning of hard floor surfaces we are equipped with high/slow-speed machines as well as automatic scrubbers to ensure floors are maintained at the highest level of quality.

Before any treatment, our team researches and confirms the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to avoid any damage to a client’s floors.

Carpet Floor Care

Our floor team is equipped with state-of-the-art Truck Mounted Extraction and Steam Cleaning machines that are self-heating, have water pump pressure up to 1200 psi and a self-contained cleaning and recovery tank.

For Deep Cleaning Carpets we use top of the line machines from leading manufacturers. Our system utilizes encapture cleaning methods, guaranteeing quick soil removal and maximum moisture recovery for a faster dry time.

We recommend steam cleaning carpets at least twice a year in order to maximize carpet life and ensure indoor air quality.

For Interim Carpet Maintenance we utilize both encapsulation and bonnet methods our technology allows carpets to be dry and ready for traffic in 20 minutes.

Regular maintenance helps to minimize re-soiling and stain wicking to keep carpets in top notch condition and increase life of floor coverings.