Clearview Cleaning provides a level of service that other companies simply cannot match. We pay close attention to every client, tailoring our services to clients’ specific needs. From developing the appropriate scope of service for their facility and budget, to staffing their specific site(s) with the proper team members, and ensuring their janitorial solutions provides measurable results.

The experience we have includes maintaining medical facilities, schools, federal, state, and local government, and many other commercial buildings.

  • Tri-Colored Microfiber Towel System: This system uses three differently colored, reusable Microfiber Towels for cleaning specific areas. In order to help prevent the occurrence of cross contamination, white towels are designated for general cleaning; Green towels are designated for employee work areas; and Yellow towels are strictly used for cleaning the restrooms.
  • Vacuums: Our highly effective vacuums are equipped to expedite the cleaning process and reduce power usage. Our equipment is checked weekly on-site and repaired as needed to maintain efficiency and improve the quality of cleaning.
  • Wet-Mopping: We utilize a wave break mop-bucket and green seal approved floor cleaner, while changing the water regularly to ensure only fresh water is applied with every stroke.
  • Damp-mopping: On more delicate hard surface floors we use flat Microfiber mops that can be easily rinsed, washed and sanitized for repeated use.